We recognize each pupil as a whole person with their emotional, social, intellectual, physical, artistic and spiritual dimensions and provide them personalized learning, respecting their times and their own needs.

We train our pupils for a dynamic and changing world, teaching them the tools and competences that they will need along their lives. These competences are aimed at helping them to learn to be more autonomous, to think and communicate, to learn and to be proactive and sociable.

We developed methodological innovations, including interdisciplinary learning based on projects and problems, teaching for comprehension and working with multiple intelligences, collaborative learning and using scoring rubrics for formative and summative assessments.

We offer active methodologies placing pupils in the center of their learning process so that they can internalize these competences for life.
We offer differentiated and inclusive alternatives, taking into account the learning pace and stages of each pupil.

Hands on” proposals are part of our daily practices, since learning by doing is the natural learning process for children. By means of these proposals, pupils develop different skills in a safe and happy way, which ensures a much more effective learning because they feel emotionally comfortable.

We also offer different learning spaces. Contents and topics dealt with are not isolated or in books, but are part of our environment, our closest surroundings, which we can observe and practise in everyday situations. Thus, we propose using – as far as possible - all our school spaces and of our surroundings.

We encourage pupils to build their own learning through challenges that teach them to be opinionated, curious and thoughtful. We also encourage them to express and relate ideas, solve problems and apply what they know in new contexts.

With a view to enhancing the curricular contents, we added knowledge fields such as: emotional education “Programa Aprender a Ser”, gamification, workshops, genius hour, hands on projects, artistic and scientific languages.