We promote a harmonious development of the emotional, social, intellectual, physical, artistic and spiritual dimensions.


A school where all pupils learn. We believe in each of our pupils, in their unique talents; we foster self-discovery, self-knowledge and self-esteem.


We promote the acquisition of communication skills with a broad and global vision.


In a dynamic and changing world, we look forward to implementing the changes that our pupils need to face XXI Century challenges.


We encourage pupils to play an active role in all the stages of their learning process

Welcome to
St Gregory´s School

St. Gregory´s School is a bilingual, secular, co-ed school that offers double shift personalized learning for kinder and primary levels.

A holistic vision of education that pursues a balanced and gradual development of each pupil's potential is the basis of our educational project.

St Gregory´s School

Because there is no learning without motivation, we seek to arouse motivation in our pupils through challenging proposals and real experiences so that they commit to the thinking processes.

There is no learning without emotion.

Technology and multimedia are used in games and everyday work -involving various challenges- for the development of thinking.

We are committed to the development of digitally responsible pupils and future responsible global citizens.

With a view to teaching our pupils to think and solve problems effectively, make well-grounded decisions and enjoy a life-long learning, we propose transforming the class culture into a thinking culture Thinking skills and routines. Thinking guidelines. Modelling.

We believe that emotional education is a continuous and ongoing educational process intended to enhance the emotional development of children in the pursuit of their personal fulfilment.

Systematic spaces are planned aimed at promoting the development of emotional and interpersonal skills.

Our proposal is to use the Multiple Intelligences approach. In our project all intelligences are important because some pupils understand ideas from all perspectives while others understand them using only one intelligence, which is their strength.

We rarely have two pupils with the same strengths and weaknesses in the same class. Thus, we offer various opportunities for pupils to learn an idea, making sure that it is understood by everyone.

We encourage pupils to take the center stage in their own learning process. We developed a flexible and comprehensive curriculum. We work with active methodologies and we promote metacognition; i.e. the pupil’s capacity to think of their own learning.

Scoring rubrics, self-assessment, co-assessment.

Because happiness is achieved and not pursued, since we are babies, we are guided to learn, as far as possible, how to behave, be grateful and enjoy the everyday pleasures and the happiness of doing good.

Para fomentar un aprendizaje significativo en los alumnos, debemos facilitar que sean ellos los protagonistas de su propio aprendizaje.

Por lo tanto, el maestro deja de ser el centro de atención y pasa a desempeñar un papel de facilitador, de guía, ofreciendo situaciones de aprendizaje en las que el alumno desarrolle sus capacidades y descubra por sí mismo.

Formamos equipos docentes que comparten y desarrollan habilidades a través de proyectos innovadores, a través de actualización y capacitación permanente interna y externa de docentes y directivos.

We teamwork with all the members of the community, creating a partnership among family, pupils and school, based on trust, knowledge and genuine communication so as to build the foundation upon which pupils may develop their own learning process.

We recognize each pupil as a whole person with their emotional, social, intellectual, physical, artistic and spiritual dimensions and provide them personalized learning, respecting their times and their own needs.

As part of a continuous search for educational innovation, we encourage our pupils to acquire XXI century skills such as communication, critical thinking, collaborative work and creativity, as well self-reliance, responsibility, organization and self-regulation.

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